Your strategic partner for security, defence and aviation

Who we are

Captium Security & Defence Oy is a part of Captium Group

Captium Security & Defence Oy is an independent company focusing on support of industrial partners in the security, defence and aviation markets in Finland, Baltic and Scandinavia: systems, technical solutions, services, industrial maintenance and life-cycle operations.

Our operations started in the 1930’s and we have had long-term cooperation and industrial partnership with the Defence Forces, other authorities and commercial entities, through activities within both the defence and commercial markets.

We have been participating major Finnish security, defence and aviation programs like NASAMS II for Finnish Defence Forces and replacement of AB 206 helicopter fleet for Finnish Border Guard.

Our industrial base consists of deep-draw manufacturing within groups like Hackman & Co / Hackman Detec Oy, Sako Defencetec Oy, Vammas Defencetec Oy and Nammo group. Especially regarding ammunition, we retain competences for military ammunition sourcing and supply, selected IM-solutions, industrial components and related services.