We work with our partners to secure successful performance for the end-customers requirements and needs, as our basis is that only lasting benefits for the customers like defence forces, will build long-term relationships for our partners.

Our Partner / Client base is based on non-competition and restricted to that we will not have conflicts of interests with our Industrial Partners.

If our partners are looking for also risk sharing, we are also able to work on a risk-sharing basis with international security and defence companies



We specialize in working with international companies that want to better understand and perform in the Finnish and Nordic security and defence markets. For our different tasks, we build our team to work on the issues closely with you in order to make the right decisions for your company or organization, tapping into a local experience base.

Our advice is based on a good understanding of the environment and stakeholders for the business. We have a dedicated team of partners and staff with the experience and expertise to help you realize your targets.

Advisory services include ;

  • market entry
  • business plan criteria and reviews
  • execution priorities
  • stakeholder analysis and reviews
  • lobbying priorities and targets
  • action plans in procurement processes